How I spent my fall semester (Online writing)

We all entered the classroom with assumptions and thoughts about race in contemporary society.  Write about these ideas and how they might have changed during the course of the semester.  Give at least 5 examples and discuss how this information has impacted you focusing on how you think about race, racism, and inequality now

Last day to post – December 8


Criminal versus Lawbreaker (online writings)

Using course readings, specifics, and course films, discuss the difference between a law-break and a criminal?  Describe in detail, the process of being labeled as one or the other, and the consequences of these different labels

Last day December 8

A Place at the Table (Online Writing)

What did you learn from the film that you didn’t know already? How has it changed your perspective? How does this film connect with our reading about restaurant industry and our discussions about privilege and stereotypes? What can you do with this information?


Last day November 15

Behind Kitchen Door (Online Writing)

What are the pictures, feelings, smells, sounds, and words that come to mind when you read the word “restaurant” or “restaurant worker”?  How has our discussions and the book (please give two examples) change what you think about/how you feel about “eating out”? What do you do with this information moving forward

300-500 words (direct quotes from reading encouraged!!!)

Last Day: November 6

Where does your food come from? – 45 POINTS (Online Writing)

How often do you think about where your food comes from, who produced and harvested it, under what conditions; how often do you think about this in restaurant?  Why or why not?  Part 2 – pick 1 food you eat/drink (chocolate; coffee; sugar; bananas; chicken)  and look into how it is produced, under what conditions – Trace all the way back to original spot of production.  Trace from its origins to your plate.  Worth 45 points

Last Day to participate November 6

Stereotypes at home (Online Writings)

Come up with a list of 10 questions questions you’d like to ask your parents, grandparents or an older family member about their stereotypes. Think about specifics and give some detail as to why these questions, what you are hoping to learn, etc.


Last day to participate October 15