Stop and Frisk (Participation) – DOUBLE Participation


21 thoughts on “Stop and Frisk (Participation) – DOUBLE Participation

  1. This video was a very real representation of what we have discussed in class. In class it seems like just a number, a very high percentage showing how victims of stop and frisk are blacks and latinos. These victims are stopped just because they look “suspicious” and this video shows evidence of how innocent civilians are stopped and disrespected due to racial profiling. This video connects to class discussions because this shows institutional racism and how it effects innocent people. It is amazing to me that quotas are prohibited but the NYPD is still encouraging its officers to perform these stops just to they look like they are doing the necessary work and to keep their authorities off their backs. This is the reason why Stop and Frisks have increased by 600 percent and one 1 percent of those stopped have actually been armed. These number should be a reflection of how the police department is taking advantage of racial profiling in order to help themselves. Overall this video shows how police officers and other authorities can take advantage of their power, and it is creating animosity between the officers and the public.

  2. This video is extremely frustrating to watch. It makes me wonder if there really has been any progression since the 1960’s and 70’s in terms of racial profiling and abuse of the law against minorities. This video closely relates to what we discussed in class on Tuesday. These neighborhoods and families will continue to suffer from the consequences of the “Stop and Frisk” policy for generations to come because it has proven to be a detrimental system. Because of the expectation that officers are expected to have so many arrests made per month or per year, it has completely corrupted the system. Officers who do not hit the proper amount of arrests (basically a quota) are then penalized and evaluated. It is no wonder that blacks and other minorities are the ones behind bars and the families living with single parents or no parents. It is an easy and sad system to understand when you really see the underlying issues. The problem in these areas is not really the amount of drugs or weapons in the neighborhood, the root problem is that these people have become and easy target for the NYPD and because there is no one to oversee the injustices that occur on a daily basis, there is nothing done about it. The amount crimes being committed and the prevalence of drug activity is not at all greater in these low-income communities at all. The only reason that arrests are so much more common in these areas is that at this point, with the “Stop and Frisk” policy, these individuals are virtually helpless. It is hard to listen to veteran members of the NYPD admit to the corruption and CRIME that is committed by their officers on a daily basis. The “Stop and Frisk” policy is one of the most unjust, racist, and dated legal policies I have seen since the 1960’s.

  3. The policy of stop and frisk really shocked me. I do not agree with it and i believe it is not right because its everyones personal space. As i began watching this film the quote that instantly got to me was,Man:” Why are you going to arrest me?”
    Cop: “because you’re a mutt” when I heard the sergeant say that my mouth went in awe. Cops have no rights to arrest someone for no reason. Throughout this film I was so annoyed. Even though I am a white citizen it still bothers me so much. It is understandable that cops have a lot of power because they can say what ever they want but it is UNCALLED to treat a different race completely in a different manner. Another thing that bothered me from this film is that cops shouldn’t be able to just threaten a citizen no matter what race they are. In the film the cop said that he will break his arm and punch the suspect in the face for doing nothing! The only reason why the cops got on him is because he is a mutt. Everyone should have equal rights and the only time cops should take action is when something really bad happened or something that they did.
    All in all police officers have way to much power that some actually use to just take advantage of individuals. It annoys me how different races are treated completely different than others. Especially when no one had a crime or is doing anything.

  4. While watching this video, there were a few things that seemed a little odd in my opinion. First was when the Sergeant was stating how he was going to arrest Alvin just because he was looking back at the cops with a hoodie on and because he is a “mutt.” Just because he had his hood on while walking down the street and looking back at the cops does not mean he is or was up to no good. How does the cop not know that he might have heard something and just looked back to see what it was and the cops just so happen to be driving by at that exact time. Another thing said that seemed odd was the part where they were talking about “quotas” and how everything in law enforcement does not have to deal with the number of quotas any officer might get. This struck me the most because we all know that it is a big lie. The more people any officer will arrest or the more people he or she stops goes on their record showing the department that they are taking their job seriously, but is there a point where they take it a little too far? Too far as in just stopping someone just because they are sagging their pants with their underwear showing, (like it was said in the video how one cop would stop people who were dressed like that). Basically, this video made me think about law enforcement everywhere. Are other departments, other than NYPD doing this stop and frisk law just so the cop can become promoted? Also, it made me think about is our law enforcement system that messed up that we need to stop people even when they have to yet commit a crime!

  5. The polices officers are following orders but when they are stopping and frisking people so they can get the numbers to get the benefits that’s when the people start despising the police. When they start violating our rights that’s when it goes too far. It’s wrong because like the guys said it’s all about the numbers. What about the feelings of the civilians when they are being disrespected and basically assaulted by the cops. This video shows what happens to actual people in New York and the majority of the people that are getting stopped and frisked are black and Latino. The discussions that we had in class are very good examples of what was discussed in the video. Police officers are supposed to be there so we the people / civilians can feel safe and to keep the peace but now in New York they are the ones causing the problems. So if they stop someone and start frisking them to get numbers and like the guy in the video he starts to ask questions and that’s when the cops start to tell them things or when they start to assault them who do we call to say that it was self- defense or to get our justice. Most likely in court the police will win, unless they have evidence that won’t be corrupted. From what i have seen it seems that they will probably do something to the evidence because in the end it sounds like the police are corrupted. They would go so far to basically arrest you who knows what else they will do to get out of an assault charge when in the end they are the police!.They are the ones who are supposed to protect you but who is suppose to protect from them.

  6. This is NOT what police work is supposed to look like. This “us versus them” mentality needs to be put to a stop. Police departments and their officers are supposed to help citizens and protect them, not hunt them down. I’ve grown up my whole life around police officers; my dad was in the Washington State Patrol for 27 years. He then retired and became a police captain and was then promoted to police chief. Police officers in New York are not supposed to perform their duties this way. The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy has gotten out of hand. Innocent people are being stopped for no reason at all. The recording of the stop-and-frisk that Alan secretly recorded made me sick to my stomach; police officers have no right to threaten innocent people with foul language and violence. The officers are being bullied by their superiors to reach a certain number of “250s”, even though the New York state law prohibits the use of quotas for arrests, summonses and stops by the NYPD. In the last decade, more than 87% of people stopped were black or Latino and 9/10 were innocent of any wrongdoing. If this isn’t enough proof to show that NYPD officers are racially profiling citizens, then I don’t know what is…but it needs to be put to a stop. NOW. This video is proof that some of the police officers in the NYPD know that the “250s” are wrong, but they’re too scared to do anything about it because they are punished if they don’t meet the 250 goals. That is ridiculous. Something needs to be done. While the commissioner claims that stop-and-frisks are getting drugs off the street and preventing crimes, it’s really just a competition of who can get the most stops to receive a promotion. The first step to fix this injustice is to have legislation pass the creation of an independent Inspector General’s office to monitor NYPD policies and procedures. This way, officers can have a safe place to file complaints about police practice and systematic problems.

  7. There are many parts of this video that infuriate me. Not only is the “stop and frisk” policy extremely racists, it makes me believe our society has not furthered ourselves at all. I am not exposed to this so seeing this video leads me to think that our society is till just a racist as it was in the past and uses race to over push authority. This relates to pretty much what we have discussed this entire semester in class. The fact that 87% of people stopped by police are Latino or black and that roughly 9 out of 10 were innocent just proves that this is not random or backed by a just cause, it is strictly racial profiling. What also upset me was the police men that were try to do what is right by not stopping people who are not doing anything wrong GET PUNISHED FOR IT. They are essentially forced to stop anyone to just get a number or else their livelihood is at stake. The fact that they even have this pressure is sickening in itself. The recording that Alvin had on his phone was very shocking. He did nothing wrong and was stopped twice in the same night and wrongly hassled by the NYPD just by looking “suspicious” just because he was looking over his shoulder. Not only was he hassled physical they called him a “mutt” and that was why he was being stopped once again. It is no surprise that there is a “us vs. them” mentality between police and citizens when the police are forced to be racist and inhumane. If there is any expectation of this relationship getting better many things need to change like the 250 quota. There will never be harmony when there are pressures to racial profile others just to save themselves. Like the officer said towards the end of the video, officers are there to protect people, not harm them. It is a scary thought that just because someone is a police officer they can act unjustly and disrespectfully and not be held accountable for their actions.

  8. This video was special and really hit home harder than lecture and all the statistics we have heard about stop and frisk because it was a guy who was my age and my skin color who had first-hand evidence on what it is like to be mistreated by a modern day police officer in New York City for no reason besides walking down the street.
    I had the same reaction as the man Trevor who was interviewed for the video. Trevor said the audio recording made him mad hearing it and I honestly felt the same way because that could be me. Another reason it made me mad was I felt that the man being harassed had no choice but to comply. He had no choice but to take this abuse because no officer would tell the truth if they are already going to be so mean to someone just minding their own business walking down the street. Another thing that made me upset was the comments about the book bag and hoodie. Why is that a reason to stop someone? People walk around with the same things on our campus all the time.
    It saddens me that these are the people protecting the people. It saddens me that these people get away with being senseless officers and picking fights with others. I wonder if someday we will look back just the way we look at something like racism or civil rights because this type of behavior is extremely racist and a step backwards in society, not a progression.

  9. Watching this video made me frustrated! It just seems like we took a step back in time that there really has been no progress on racial equality at all. The fact that officers have to have quotas mess the whole system up. You could just be waiting to cross the street and be questioned because you look “suspicious”. I understand the idea of quotas to make sure that the officers are actually doing their job but the fact that innocent people are being treated like crap is disgusting. On top of that the neighborhoods get a bad name. People start to get scared oh can’t go to this neighborhood at this time or what not, but it isn’t because they are actually dangerous it’s just because NYPD officers need to put in their 250s.

  10. Watching this video completely caught me off guard. I became frustrated because it seems like we have not made any progress on gender or racial equality; it has become worse. When the officers were explaining that they need to meet a certain number to get a promotion or to just get the heat off of them, they just do it; that is what frustrated me the most. The fact that human beings would violate other peoples rights just for a job promotion or to not get in trouble with their commanding officer is unacceptable to me. The officers explained that the civilian population is being hunted, after watching this video I totally agree. Officers are stopping and frisking innocent people on the streets just in order to get their 250s. I understand having quotas for the police officers in order to make sure that they are doing their job, but not at an excessive amount and making it so that if they don’t meet the quotas, their livelihood is at risk. Police officers wonder why people don’t have respect for them, well its because they don’t respect the people they are supposed to be protecting.

  11. As a minority I’ve always grew up knowing that if you are brown or black cops will stop you for no reason. That mindset has come mainly from my dad who has the strong belief that if he gets pulled over its because he is Mexican and the cop is racist. I wouldn’t find much truth to my dad’s way of thinking, but this video confirmed it. Of course I know that not all officers are like this but this video shows that most of them are. It is disappointing to see that police aren’t there to help and protect instead they are there to accumulate stops to make their superiors happy. It really is a quota no matter how they mask it. Every time that I’ve been stopped by a cop I’ve never felt safe, I always feel like they are looking for the slightest opportunity be able to give me a ticket or arrest me even when I know I didn’t do anything. When being stopped by police there is nothing you can do but do as they say. If you try to argue or prove your point they will take that as resisting so it really must get frustrating when you are being harassed and not be able to do anything but take the harassment. If police want more respect from people then they are going to have to start respecting the people they are supposed to protect and serve.

  12. This is the first video or information that I have been exposed to about the issue of “Stop and Frisk” in New York. It shocked me how the police department treated the African American boy in the one recording displayed in this video. The boy was just trying to understand what was going on and the individuals from the NYPD were not giving him any chance to speak and treating him with disrespect by using harsh language and even physically harassing him. Another fact that still shocks, even after touching upon it during class, is the high percentage of “Stop and Frisks” being blacks or Latinos. It is astonishing that the NYPD continues to say there is no racial profiling, even with these facts out for the public to see. The two recordings presented in this film I believe need to be taken very seriously and something needs to be done about it.
    I also thought it was really interesting that a police officer working for the New York department came forward to share what goes on behind closed doors. The NYPD claims quotas do not exist, but it was made very clear they have certain goals that need to be reached or else consequences will take place. This is why so many unnecessary “Stop and Frisks” take place, because police officers are just trying to reach the “goal” that the higher ups have set for them.

  13. What stuck out to me in this video is when the police officer was talking about how the department would force their officers to do these stops. That officers are forced to make certain standards in fear that they would never be promoted and or working in certain unsafe neighborhoods alone. This tells me that the whole system is compromised with racism and inequality. Esspecailly since these officers nearly only stop blacks and latinos. The worst part about these stop and frisks is that the officers use such strong force and vulgar language and try to upset an innocent person to get them to retaliate so they could put them down and bring them in. It makes me sick to think that people who are here to protect us are more focused on making quotas and stopping innocent people then rather to good for the communities.

  14. This video reminded me a lot of the video that we watched in class with the experiment with the kids beating the car. The guys “stopped and frisked” clearly seemed to be targeted based off of their skin color. Although cops make the argument that they don’t target those of color, they just usually patrol the areas closer where people of color tend to live. This to me, is targeting those of colors by mainly controlling areas where people of color live. No wonder the statistics of blacks to whites is prison is disproportional.

  15. This video is definitely surprising in many different ways. When we would talk about these incidents in class I never imagined that the situation was this bad. Just the fact that this gentleman who recorded his interaction with the police was already stopped 2 blocks before by the same police officer is crazy. If they had already stopped him why do it again knowing he was clean? It just tells me that they like messing with people and don’t care about their rights. The threats made to that young boy were completely out of line. Something that caught my attention right away was that they brought up his father asking if he had a job. Why does that matter in that situation? When they stated that they were going to arrest him because he was a “mutt” I got filled with anger. No matter how unbelievable this video seems it is the reality and it is happening hundreds of times a day. I am not sure why they keep doing this and it seems like every year the number of these incidents goes up. Don’t they look at the statistics and number that taken from all of these incidents? 1 out of every 600 victims have a gun and 9 out of 10 are not doing anything wrong what so ever. Why would they keep doing this if all it is doing is scaring the public and making people have no respect for the justice system. Maybe that’s why they want though. They want to scare the public and have them walk around with fear. Which in no way justifies these actions but that’s all that I could think about. I myself have had an experience like this not to long ago. I was sitting in my car at my local Fred Meyer waiting to pick up my friend from work. This cop pulls up behind and slowly walks up to my window. I already knew it was because I am a Hispanic male sitting in a car. The first thing he said to me was “Are we doing anything drug related boy?” after I heard that I got immediately angry but I tried to keep calm because I knew if I talked back or anything he would use that against me. So I simply said no officer I’m just waiting for my friend who is working. He than had the nerve to say, “So if I check your car I won’t find anything illegal?” At that point I unbuckled my seat belt and said you want to check go right ahead I have nothing to hide and If you find some change can you put it in the cup holder please. When I went to open the door he just said there was no need and told me to have a goodnight and just left with a smirk on his face. That was the first time that has happened to me and I as livid. I cant imagine how I would be if that happened to me multiple times a day everyday like some of the people in New York. Why do the police officers need a quota of stop and frisks? It almost seems like they take it as a game to see who can get the most just for fun. I’m sure their a lot more important things they can be doing than terrorizing young teens. Unfortunately I’m sure this is one of the easiest cases of stop and frisks that this young man was able to record. There are a lot worse cases that haven’t been able to be documented. This has to stop and something needs to be done. I hope these officers get punished and I hope this stops but the sad part is that if it does stop it wont be any time soon.

  16. This video relates very well to what we’ve discussed in class. You would think policemen are trying to keep a community safe, but sometimes that’s not exactly what’s happening. I think the whole idea of stop and frisk is ridiculous after watching this video. What makes it right for a police officer to stop a citizen and assume he/she is up to something illegal? I also think it’s ridiculous that the policemen don’t admit that they have to reach a certain “quota” for stop and frisks. If a quota is prohibited, then I don’t understand why policemen are still required to collect a certain amount of reports. When 1 out of 600 victims have a gun and 9 out of 10 are not doing anything wrong, you would think the police would reduce their reports of stop and frisks. These statistics clearly show that stop and frisks are unnecessary if majority of the victims are not involved with illegal activity. I’m irked by the responses the police officers give the young man. Just because they’re police officers and they’re doing their job, I don’t think it’s necessary to talk down to someone who’s being stop and frisked. The police may say that they stop those who look like are causing trouble, but in reality, they may become racial when they do such reports. As a child, I was told the “heroes” of the country were firefighters, doctors, those in the military, and policemen. After watching this video, I don’t think I can consider policemen as a hero.

  17. In this video , by interviewing with some people who has been “stop and frisk” before and some police officer who did this before, we can get a basic concept of what “stop and frisk” is . Among the indicators described in the video had a similar situation in China . This is a problem that exists in the world . Meanwhile this video to subvert the idea of racial discrimination before me . After I came to America because , basically always stay in campus, i have never contact with anyone like those people in the video. In American universities , racial discrimination is very rare . So I thought these problems no longer exist in the United States. However, in the video, I found that this phenomenon is still widespread , and even some of the government officials still believe they are doing is right in line with the people’s interests . They did not even realize it was wrong. When police executed justice and fairness of such occupations involving discrimination who will be able to monitor them yet. When people complain about “stop and frisk” Always happen on blacks or Latinos for minorities, there are always some people insist that because these minorities more likely to commit crimes , rather than admit the real reason why blacks and Latinos have higher crime rates and who deal this status.

  18. After watching this video, my eyes were open to an unfortunate occurrence. The issue of unreasonable Stop and Frisks is ethically wrong and disappointing in the eyes of citizens. The pressure from the police department for officers to meet an unofficial quota of “250s” is disgraceful, unprofessional, and disrespectful. I almost wish that i didn’t know about this because its heart wrenching. Our class discussions are so similar but this is what really got me to open my eyes and want to learn more.

  19. This article was completely heart breaking to watch. There are so much more than 17 things that I could say about this story but ill start with the fact that this is so wrong. The overall video is completely horrific in the fact that this actually still happens in our world. It is something as a white American teenage girl that I just was so oblivious that stuff like this happens in the real world. It is something I read about in books, and see if old movies, but not today, not in 2013. I think as un-courageous as it looks for the police officers to hide their faces, I am proud that some officers actually see these things and are able to share that they are true instead of denying making Alvin look stupid. It makes me feel disappointed that it happens, but glad that some are willing to change and admit the wrong officers do. I think it is terrible that the police officers arresting Alvin would throw the fact that his dad was in the business and reflect how he is acting onto his father. No his father wouldn’t like him talking like that because he would also hope his father would never treat him like that. It is so insane that he would bring personal relationships up. It goes to show that police officers will dig into history and bring it up in ways that alter emotions and feelings in a illegal case hoping to make the victim angry. I also could believe how derogatory the officer was calling Alvin a mutt. I think that the power hungry officer was just so out of line in the case and took it up a whole other level by calling him this term. It is so slang for racist assumptions and is completely obvious. It just puts me in awe to think that this is a process that is truly never ending. It’s so sad when Trevor is first shown because you can see how angry he is for him. It doesn’t matter the race, or the connection of the two boys to see that it can happen to everyone, and it does. You could tell Trevor felt for Alvin because this isn’t the first time it had happened. Beside the emotional level that Trevor brought it in, it was seen in the face of Alvin too when he was reliving the tape recording. It really affects people in drastic ways when being treated like this. I wish that those who insult and treat others in lesser ways one day feel like that. I always think well maybe if these people were to experience what it actually is like to feel of lesser value because you were born with different characteristics, that it would change their entire perspective. Maybe not though, which is the worst thought of all. It’s depressing to think that there could be no hope in change. As devastating as it would be to be able to reoccur this moment over and over again, it was such a positive thing that Alvin was able to record this interaction. It isn’t normally something you would think to record, but without it we would never know how truly disgusting humans could be to each other. I think that we know police officers get arrogant and ornery but never to this extent. In the question and answer with Ray Kelly he said the stop and frisk procedure must go through. This is completely outrageous to even think. Yes profiling will always exists, and yes maybe stop and frisk is not always a bad thing, but we must understand the difference in the right to be a civil human being. We cannot treat others the way the officer acted towards Alvin. It is horrendous to think that we can assume something about another individual based off of mannerisms and characteristics. Ray said this was done as professionally as possible and that is the most bold faced lie with proof of the degrading words the officer spoke on the tape. They said that this goes up all the way to mayors but how could we live in a world that is constantly like this. Such negative attitudes of prejudice and racism come from this stop and frisk procedure. Playing solely off of a numbers game of catching victims makes a very dark kind world to be living in. it should be a job about catching those who are dangerous kinds of people in our world, not people who are trying to one up in their jobs. Everyone just trying to move up in the world is a way of life that I do understand which is why the whole situation is so messed up. It makes you want to feel bad for these officers because they are just trying to do the best for themselves, but sometimes there is just a simple humane thing to do that officers step over the line for. Helping those who live on this same earth with us deserve the same amount of respect, officers, blacks, white and all the above. There has to be a different way to live but at this point I have no ideas on how to solve it but by taking it one step at a time.

  20. While watching this video, I was taken by surprise because I did not realize cops actually do these terrible things to completely innocent people. It shocks me that these officers would threaten someone who gave them a completely honest answer. When Alvin told them that he was using his backpack for his sweatshirt, that should not be a reason for them to arrest him or threaten to punch him in the face. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be accused of doing something just because of your race. When the cop said his reasoning was because Alvin was “a mutt” I thought that was completely jaw dropping because I can’t believe someone would even tell a stranger that. I am curious what the black officers do when they see a situation like this happen. Would they try to step in and stop it, or try to brush it off? Having the officers threaten the innocent people is kind of a way to trap them into retaliating back which would give the cops a reason to arrest them or potentially hurt them even more. This whole thing is pretty scary to think that these people that are supposed to be keeping the streets safe when they are creating ruckus that is not safe at all.

  21. This video shows how innocent people are arrested from police officer because they looks like suspicious without any reasons to arrest them. Police officers are arrest them just because of their race. I would want to say it is a racism and prejudice. Related to the class material what we learned was the how the justice systems makes criminals. If this kind of situations is continuing, in the future there should be big problem in this country. The one to be blamed should be police office not the black people who arrested just by race.

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