Exam Information

According to Stephanie Fryberg, stereotypes


Stereotypes exist in the world, not simply inside individual minds; Stereotypes are reflected and inscribed in the practices, policies, and institutions that comprise society;

 Stereotypes are enacted in everyday, interpersonal behavior;  Stereotypes are powerful and influential in the performance of minorities;


According to Fryberg, mascots impact how Native American youth in following ways: Harmful in how they felt about themselves; felt about community; felt about future




According to film, stereotypes of “the hungry” – lazy, unemployed, people of color, welfare recipients, skinny, deserving, living outside the U.S.

Definition of Food Deserts: All of the following describe food deserts: A community that lacks access to fresh fruits and vegetables; A community that is one mile from a supermarket or large markets; A community where food choices are limited


Stereotypes act like self-fulfilling prophecies

Stereotypes filter out out information that is inconsistent w stereotypes



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