A Place at the Table (Online Writing)

What did you learn from the film that you didn’t know already? How has it changed your perspective? How does this film connect with our reading about restaurant industry and our discussions about privilege and stereotypes? What can you do with this information?


Last day November 15


53 thoughts on “A Place at the Table (Online Writing)

  1. There was lots of things that were included in the video that I was unaware of. A food desert was one thing that I was unsure about, and the fact that 23.5 million Americas live in a food desert. A food desert is small towns who usually just have mom and pop restaurants, in most cases just one restaurant at that. These Americans are over a mile at the least away from fresh fruits and vegetables. This just shows that eating healthy for all American citizens isn’t that easy. It could be a struggle to get your hands on healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables and be extremely easy and cheap to buy a bag of chips. Another thing I learned from the video was what food insecurity is. Food insecurity is the idea in which you don’t know where you next meal is coming from or how you will eat the next time you are hungry. No one here in the United States should have to suffer from this let alone anyone in the world. Every human being should have the supply of food to keep them healthy and fed every day of every year. Its sad to think that people have to live with food insecurity and even more sad to know that some people don’t get at least one full meal day and are starving. From the video I also learned that the state of Mississippi has the highest rate of food insecurity and the highest rate of obesity. In comparison its unfortunate that in the same state that families are unsure of when their next meal is there are families on the other hand that are obese and being obese isn’t necessarily about how much you eat but a big factor is what you are actually eating because eating chips and cookies and drinking pop is not healthy. Another fact I found shocking was that since 1980 the price of fruits and vegetables have gone up by 40%, and the price of processed/packaged foods has gone down by 40%. This just shows why so many Americans are overweight, because its a lot easier and cheaper to buy process/packaged foods rather than spend more money and more time preparing home cooked meals.

  2. The film “A Placr At The Table” changed my perspective about health in America. Everyone always focuses on the problems of obesity but after watching the film, I have learned about the issues of hungry and starving people in this country. Many people suffer from food insecurity which is not knowing when their next meal is going to be or if they will even get a full meal in a day. Food insecurity also involves not being able to access healthy and nutritious food. The film stated that since 1980, fruits and vegetable costs have increased 40 percent while processed foods have decreased 40 percent. Most people live about a mile away from fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only is it easier to get junk food, but it is also cheaper. Peoole get cheap food because they can get more of it for less money. The film strongly compares with the food industry reading because people stereotype the hungry as jobless or homeless. However, the film stated that 85 percent of families who undergo food insecurity, have atleast one member of the family working. Another common stereotype is most people think people who are hungry are skinny when really they are overweight because all they can afford are processed foods. For example, Mississippi has the highest food insecurity and also has the highest rate for obesity. Going into health and fitness teaching makes me realize I will need to make sure I provide snacks and keep an eye on the students in my class to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition to get the education they need. It also made me realize how privileged I am and how hunger is a serious problem in the world today.

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