Mark Anthony Neal (20 points)

Thoughts about talk?  What did you learn?  What did talk make you think about?  Connections between his talk and class?

Last day Dec 7


7 thoughts on “Mark Anthony Neal (20 points)

  1. I really liked it, I thought it was interesting and he was a great speaker by keeping everyone’s attention and making people want to hear more about what he had to say. I liked the stories he shared during the presentation because it made me think about my life now and how that race and being African American, or where you live could change you life completely and how it can happen to anyone. I liked how he used relevant stories that we have heard in the news and put race into factor, for example the Treyvon Martin case, and saying what if he had been a white boy with a hood on rather than a black boy with a hood on. Or about how he talked about Barack Obama and the Black “walk” and how he didn’t seem black enough because of the way he walked and its weird to me that some people are identified as “not black enough” by the way they walk.

  2. I really enjoyed Marc Anthony Neal’s talk, he made everything extremely interesting and I love his sense of humor. I learned that when a man wears a hooded sweatshirt, he is automatically posed as a threat and there’s a sense of danger about him. I can personally relate to this, because when I’m walking alone at night and I see someone in a hooded sweatshirt I do feel a sense of danger. I also learned about Chris Dorner and how the Los Angeles Police Department received hundreds of sightings of him even though the news reported that he had ran away. A man even created a shirt that read, “Don’t shoot, I’m not Chris Dorner” as a way of avoiding people making judgments and stereotyping him as Chris Dorner just because he’s a black man in Los Angeles. This connects to a talk we had in class about prejudice actions and how people pre-judge and assume things based on race, ethnicity, gender, hair color, and size. It also relates to racial profiling, people kept assuming that every single big, black man in Los Angeles was Chris Dorner. I also learned another thing about prejudice actions. Marc Anthony Neal spoke about the Samsung Galaxy advertisement with Lebron James. He is the most recognizable and best basketball player, the most visible black man (basketballer or not), but in the entire commercial you don’t see him playing basketball at all. It’s because he is pushing boundaries and claiming space for black male humanity. People always assume that a black man with a basketball can jump high, that he’s good at basketball, and that he’s fast. But if people saw a black man with a violin people wonder if he stole it, if he’s gay, and how he paid for it and for lessons. It’s another prime example of assumptions, generalizing and prejudice. He also talked about Barack Obama’s walk and how it’s not “black enough”. He brought up so many great points throughout his talk and I loved listening to all of it and making connections with the talks we have in class.

  3. The talk given by Mark Anthony Neal was very interesting, he brought up many point relevant not only to class but to society in general. He is a very talented speaker and was very effective in getting his point across in a way that almost everyone could relate to. Throughout his talk I learned a lot more about the generalizations based on race and how society thinks has come to think of those generalizations. One of the points I felt that was the most effective was the example using Jay-Z. He talked about how Jay-Z is a brand, something he is selling along this his records and as shown at the very end of his “Girls” music video this brand he is selling is not always representative of Shawn Carter. Shawn Carter is a much different man than Jay-Z and represents a more refined and very capable man. Another example I thought was very effective was the point about Cullen Jones, USA Olympic swimmer. There is this idea that “black people can’t swim” yet Cullen Jones is an African American swimmer who even holds American records for the 50 yard freestyle. This was something that also connects to class, based on that stereotype that black people are less talented swimmers, and its connection to equality verses equity. Overall I thought Mark Anthony Neal’s talk was very relatable and interesting for all who listened. He made very relevant points and gave college students a chance to connect to his points through the popular culture references he used.

  4. Listening to Mark Anthony Neal’s talk I concluded from the way he spoke that his personality type is very social. He acted as if he was having a conversation with us instead of talking at us. He used language that some may find inappropriate however I found it appropriate for the audience being college students, by openly using swear words. He had a way of connecting to his audience in a way that everyone could feel included. I learned about racial profiling, more specifically the racial profiling of Chris Dorner. Chris Doner was a large black man who was a criminal and every time someone who resembled a large black man was seen by someone who was not black they would call the police saying there has been a spotting of Chris doner. One man even made a shirt that said he was not Chris Doner and to not shoot, because people kept mistaking him for him. Anthony’s talk made me think of the racial profiling people give to my boyfriend who is Hispanic. Every time we walk into a fancy white populated restaurant heads turn because a white girl is holding hands with a Mexican and vise versa when we walk into a dominant Mexican restaurant. The talk reminded me of a class discussion about stereotyping and the statistic that go with stereotyping . For example 84% of blacks and Latinos were stopped and frisked in New York. Overall I enjoyed Anthony’s talk and would love to listen to him again.

  5. From Mark Anthony Neal’s speech, we can see that he intended to make himself look close to the audience, through using some informal statements, to make audience feel like listening to his speech seemed to talk to him. Which is a good help for him to preached his ideas. He cited many examples of his understanding of the issues of race and publics’ reaction to his speech. These examples are similar to our own place, which allows us to related to our own experience easily after listen his speech . Giving rise to our own thinking on these issues.

  6. I liked how Marc Anthony Neal’s speaking, his language such as humor and sense grabbed attention to listen more carefully and made listener not boring. Thorough his speak, I learned that how the race could affect people being generalization in the society. The significant example that I remember from his example was the wearing hooded sweatshirt because I mostly wearing hooded sweatshirt in the night because to cover my hair to keep warm but sometime, I can feel that someone who walking in front of me tending to walk away from me with protecting looking eye. Otherwise, I was the people who avoid the black man who wearing hooded sweatshirt in the night because of I feel danger. Another example was Chris Dorner who is Black American criminal. People are having stereotype just seeing their of race, ethnicity and color. Those stereotypes made people to assume that big black man accuse him as a Chris Doner. A man created a shirt with words “Don’t shoot, I’m not Chris Noner” to avoid people making wrong judgments. This was connects to class, based on the stereotype that black people are more crime than other race and it could make them feeling with a victim mentality without doing anything. Overall, I enjoyed his speaking and helped me how the society stereotype makes society.

  7. I really enjoyed the Mark Anthony Neal’s talk, I think he can make audience to attention with humor and talks sense. He knows how people attention and listen more carefully. He was great speaker because he also can make audience want to hear more his speech and what he had to say. I learned from him about my life because I really touched with his speech, he was present for instead of all the African Americans. If I was him, I could not to do same as him. He was very brave person. Also, I realized the black people are more crime than other race. I had stereotype that black people are more crime than other race. Because when I was high school in Ohio, there is 70 percent African American people in our school and most of African Americans make problem in our school. So I enjoyed his speech and realized that how to change stereotype to society issue.

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