Write a letter (ONLINE WRITINGS)

For those who were in class today, finish watching these films  and write a letter (include details) to those who labor on Chocolate and Banana plantations – 300-500 words (specifics)







2 thoughts on “Write a letter (ONLINE WRITINGS)

  1. Chocolate and banana plantation workers,
    There are so many of you, so many that are children, that are being underpaid, overworked, abused, and harmed by deathly pesticides. A change needs to be made for you to provide the things that you need in a safe work environment. The bananas and chocolate that are being produced are not worth the suffering that mostly all of you are experiencing. Instead of being sold bananas were being sold the life of the workers. I have watched several videos of the child trafficking on chocolate plantations and the horrible working conditions on banana plantations. Working on a banana plantation I learned that you are being exposed to malaria, rats in your water supply, and harmful pesticides on an every day basis. The thought that people have to endure this breaks my heart and makes me want to boycott these companies. All of the workers have so much strength to go through this every day; I would never be able to do what you’re doing.
    With no job security and no wage increases, making a living and trying to support your families must be a very tough feat. The fact that 80% of workers are laid off every 3 months is outrageous. You already have poor living conditions and you should not be subjected to these unfair wages. A normal job in the United States doesn’t force someone to have aching bones, terrible headaches, and problems with lungs and kidneys. The factory owners or the plantation owners should cover the medical problems and mutations that you are suffering from. They do not have the right to spray harmful chemicals over living areas. This is an act of recklessness and they are willing to sacrifice people’s lives for the sake of growing bigger bananas.
    The message is being spread about the harmful conditions that you are working in, the child trafficking, and the horrible wages and living conditions. The way that you are being forced to live isn’t right and needs to be put to an end.

  2. Dear Chocolate and Banana plantation workers:
    The injustices that surround you everyday are outrageous and need to be changed. There are so many basic human rights that are violated and ignored within the normal working conditions that you have to deal with everyday. Children are used as laborers for plantations and factories everyday. These children are denied the right to go to school and gain an education, which could help them to obtain a job that provides a better lifestyle than the non-stop work of the plantations. These children are also put into terribly dangerous situations everyday. Some of these situations include using machetes at the age of six and eight. These children are not given the opportunity to enjoy their childhoods and are put into significant danger everyday.
    In class we have learned about the terrible environments that restaurant workers experience daily, these conditions are nothing compared to what you have to go through everyday. The unsafe and unhealthy conditions that you have to work in everyday are outrageous and should not be acceptable. A difference in the United States is that when injustices such as these occur there are opportunities to bring the media attention to the problem. Once this occurs people tend to “fix” the problem quickly, even if that only entails compensation. These factor/plantation owners should compensate you for the hardships you experience and the medical impacts these conditions have had on you and your families.
    I believe that if these issues were brought to the attention of more countries there could be significant changes for the better for plantation and factory workers. I believe that spreading the names of the companies who use child labor and put their employees through these terrible conditions should be publicly announced often to the United States public. This could bring attention to people in the United States who have no idea of the injustices taking place. A campaign I would start to help workers would be to avoid buying the products of these companies that use the ingredients from these plantations until they agreed to change their ways.
    No human should have to endure the conditions that you have to endure and the fact that these conditions are public knowledge and nothing has been done is outrageous. I believe that something needs to be done on a national level to stop these injustices and to end the unsafe and unhealthy working conditions of chocolate and banana plantation workers.

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