Extra Credit – Chocolate (20 points)

Watch this documentary and write a 1-2 page paper about the production of chocolate.  This extra credit paper should be turned in class by Nov 7


One thought on “Extra Credit – Chocolate (20 points)

  1. By the hour Americans eat foods like fruit, grains and chocolate with little to no thought about where the food they are consuming came from. After watching the documentary “Slavery in the Chocolate Industry”, I have become aware to the harsh working conditions and child labor that occurs, causing me to think twice about the costs of enjoying chocolate. Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean, which must be harvested with large knives and is very dangerous work. Although there are many cocoa plantations around the world, 42% of the world’s cocoa production comes from the Ivory Coast. Many head offices of major corporations such as Nestle Tollhouse are housed in Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast. The shocking part of the cocoa harvesting was that its main source of labor comes from children.
    In 2008, a law was passed prohibiting child labor in the cocoa industry. Although it appears the problem would be fixed, that is far from the truth. Children are trafficked from Mali, Africa, often kidnapped from their parents, and taken to the plantations on the Ivory Coast. The young children are promised work, though many never see a dollar of what they earned. These children lack education, and are bought for a mere 200 euros. This allows the buyer to have “indefinite use of the child” and they often beat the children if they aren’t working fast enough.
    The major cocoa buyers deny knowing that children are working on the plantations. They claim the law solved the problem, and cannot be associated with any claims of child labor. Even after this documentary revealed evidence, cocoa buyers refused to comment. Knowing all of this causes me to think about what else I don’t know about the food industry. Considering America imports so much of its food products, where does our food come from? Who suffers so I can enjoy a chocolate bar? I feel guilty for taking such luxuries for granted after knowing young children put themselves in danger just so I can enjoy a dessert.

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