Where does your food come from? – 45 POINTS (Online Writing)

How often do you think about where your food comes from, who produced and harvested it, under what conditions; how often do you think about this in restaurant?  Why or why not?  Part 2 – pick 1 food you eat/drink (chocolate; coffee; sugar; bananas; chicken)  and look into how it is produced, under what conditions – Trace all the way back to original spot of production.  Trace from its origins to your plate.  Worth 45 points

Last Day to participate November 6


69 thoughts on “Where does your food come from? – 45 POINTS (Online Writing)

  1. Part 1:
    I think I am really always thinking about where my food comes from and who produced and specially harvested it. Because, my grand grandfather was farmer in my country so he harvested the rice and some kind of fruits in his big garden. When I was young and still these days, my grandfather always said to us these from where and where all the food comes from during the eating time. Also my grandfather taught how it produced and harvested through what condition and how it was worked. So for this experiment I am still think about and care about where my food comes from and who produced and harvested it. I always thanks to them because I know how that work is hard. But a lot of people does not care and does not know how the works going. So I can easily recognized what conditions. So that reason, I usually thinking about where the food comes from and cares about it.

    Part 2:
    The food I chose was rice. Because the rice is the most favorite food in my country and all the people eat as main food. Rice start by being rice planting and after planting harvested during the October on a farm. Once they are grown the farmers cultivation when the season has come to cultivation. For me, in my home country, my father’s friend has farm and harvesting the rice. So we most get their rice from them. But the most of people are buying the rice from grocery store. So there is longer process than get from someone who knows. After the rice harvested they are cleaned up at the local place or factory and makes packaged into bags then shipped off to the grocery stores or some place to sell their products. Then the people buy that products and then go to home and cook their food.

  2. Throughout my life I raised under parents who considers food mostly where it produced and how it harvested but otherwise, I have not been cared so much about the food where it from or produced because my mom shopped grocery for dinner and she cooks mostly for family. So this reasons led me not to think so much about the importance of origin. Being in college, a part from mom’s cooking, I have been grocery shopping without conscious about the food, but the this situation is keeping on, sometimes I feel my health condition is not good as well as before cause of instant food and unknown produced food. I am living my roommate who concern the food origins and fresher food. While I live with her, I change my mind to be more conscious about the food that I put in my body. After that, I am trying to spend money on more healthy and organic food even it cost more than regular product. Specially, I am picky person on meat because I watched short video that how animals are raising in the farm with what they eat and circumstance. It was very disgusting so I always check and buy meat with the confirmed marks. In comparison, I do not really think about my food is coming from while at a restaurants because I am trying to seek restaurants serving with high quality of ingredient before picking restaurants so it make feel little bit secure of it.
    I chose oranges. Oranges are hand-picked in the field and loaded into trailers and delivered to the processing plant. The fruits is dumped from trailers onto conveyors where it is carried through a washing process. The fruit is graded and the U.S Dept. of Agriculture then test for juice and solids content, the unit of payment for growers, after which the oranges are diverted to storage bins labeled according to juice specifications represented by each tested load of fruit. Oranges are then selected from labeled bins to enable blending juice of optimal quality and transported via conveyor to juicing machines.

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