Stereotypes (Participation)

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5 thoughts on “Stereotypes (Participation)

  1. After watching and listening to each of the videos it really caught my attention towards stereotypes. The first video it talks about each race and what the stereotypes are of being that race. Most of the answers that were given are all true facts and how our lives are in our society that involve stereotypes. But as the topic of stereotypes of whites came up no one really had an answer that involved stereotypes for whites. The reason why is because we have the easiest life. Also if whites get stereotyped they could careless.Then the rest of the ads were all involving alcohol and what blacks do and how they talk. The last one showed how much stronger most blacks are compared to whites. In the first and third video the whites were basically making fun of how blacks act and it also showed some hand shakes that a lot of blacks do and another reason is how blacks talk.

  2. The videos opened my eyes about stereotypes. When asked about stereotypes about African Americans, Native Americans, and so on many stereotypes came into my mind, but once asked about white stereotypes I had the same reaction. Whites feel that they are superior and events throughout history have shown that. It goes to show how white privilege still plays a big role even though people like to say we are in a much better place now. In the liquor store ads I just felt like they were mocking how some blacks talk but then also showing you how people react when you act in a different way than what you look. For example the older white man you expect him to act polite and distinct considering how he is dressed then he does a knuckle bump and has a grill and you’re like what the hell. Then in the “colored is better” commercial it reinforces the stereotype that we see black people as these big people that are muscular and tougher than white people and then when he rises out of the wash machine rap music starts playing reinforcing again that all blacks listen to rap.

  3. The first video starts out with a truthful realization about stereotypes about races, even coming from people of the race that is being stereotyped. The majority of the stereotypes are very negative and condescending. Once you actually think about the unconscious stereotypes that you think and judge people about seems to be never ending. The first video goes around and states many stereotypes that are true and ones that are involved in everyday lives of everyone. The videos point out and highlight how whites have more privileges and are always up to good and blacks and others are completely opposite. It points out how there are very minimal stereotypes of about whites but uncountable amounts for the other races. White privilege obviously is there, and there is no denying it. Stereotyping pretty much does not exist for whites. It does not even come close to the stereotyping of other races. Not one person when getting interviewed had a specific stereotype for whites but when they asked bout blacks and other races, they could go on and on. Whites don’t recognize that these racial stereotypes keep minorities from becoming successful and keep whites in higher power and privilege. The ads show how blacks act coming from people that are white, it shows that we are still racist cause when we see the whites acting like that we automatically think that they are acting black cause they are filling in and acting upon those stereotypes. The last video shows that whites are considered to be scrawny and weak while blacks are big and muscular and listen to rap.

  4. By watching these videos it opened my eyes on the stereotypes of all the races. In the first video many of the people had a lot to say about the African American race, the Latino race, the Asian race, and the Native American race but had little to say about the white race. The people in the video would say that the white race does not have any stereotypes and that stereotype’s don’t affect them as much as the stereotypes of the other races. These stereotypes about all the races could have been based off one person but the people who made the stereotype based it off of their race and that’s why they do the things they do like the video said they conform to the stereotype of their race. In the liquor store ads video it reinforced the stereotype that all black people are gangsta’s and that they are all ghetto based on watch he is saying and what he is wearing and how people react to the old white man when he was checking out at the cash register. The reaction of the people around was like what the heck is going on because of the difference in watch he was wearing to the way he should have acted. In the colored is better video it reinforced the stereotype that all black guys are tough, hot and muscular to white men.

  5. After watching and listening to of these short films it made we realize how messed up our world really is. Everything that was basically stated in the first film was right on as to what we do say about the other races. Also, in the first film when they were asking about the different stereotypes towards white people, there really is none except for that we are “fat and lazy.” It also amazes me that as a society we can talk dirt on somebody of the weaker race but are afraid to say anything to the stronger race. When they started to talk about those of the Arab stereotypes it made me think that we really only started to say they are terrorist because of September 11th. In the Chicago Lakes Liquors commercial where the guy gets out of his car dressed in a suit and then is seen at the front counter buying liquor with like a white tank top, sagging pants, and a bandana around his forehead and with a gangster like tattoo of his name on his knuckles, it truly shows what we think of all the different kinds of races even though someone may not dress like that. Basically, everything that was said about each race is all of the videos is how we portray people of different races.

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