Comedian Kristina Wong Talks Asian Dating Fetish (Participation)

Originally Published at Colorlines


3 thoughts on “Comedian Kristina Wong Talks Asian Dating Fetish (Participation)

  1. I find it very unsettling how many stereotypes are attached to race and dating. One of Wong’s best points was when she discussed how certain people claim that they are colorblind when it comes to dating and relationships, which is completely false. Though many people like to claim “I don’t see race” this is impossible and not beneficial to anyone. This is a sensitive subject for the majority of people because dating is personal and when race is brought into the mix it makes things even more complicated. I find it disturbing that people now seek out people to date clearly based on their race or ethnicity. It is one thing to have a type, but to completely single an individual out because of a fantasy or fetish with a certain race seems like a very dated and racist idea. There is a very fine line between finding someone attractive and then randomly picking out a person to date on craigslist because of their race. Wong also discussed how the fetish is not just for Asian women, but also white males seeking Asian men. Wong has had firsthand experience in dealing with men and women who are seeking out partners based on race and though she does a wonderful job making fun of the situation as a whole, deep down there are many racial issues that are present.

  2. When Kristina Wong talks about Asian dating fetish it kind of disturbing how many of the men are obsessed with the Asian woman and how not only is there a fetish for Asian women but white men for Asian men. It’s kind of weird how race and dating are attached in stereotypes. When Wong talks about how some of the thing she hears people say is that they don’t see race but the entire woman they date are Asian. They claim that race does not matter but in the end it’s a lie because the proof is in the women or men they date. Wong says in the beginning that she has many white friends but she still makes fun of it. I think even though race and its stereotypes are there that they have become normalized to where they are making jokes and laughing at them.So it is not a problem.

  3. I like how Kristina Wong says her favorite stupid lines that white males use on her is that they do not see race, which is very much false based on their dating history. To me it sounds like the men are trying to say how open-minded they are, but are really saying how ignorant they are. Everyone sees race, and it matters and should not be ignored. Saying one doesn’t see race is just ignoring racial inequalities and privileges. Wong continues to talk about false stereotypes. Though the one she used is inappropriate to discuss here, it still reflects light on the fact that all stereotypes are untrue. People just one example to justify the stereotype even if 99% of the time it is untrue.

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