Privilege (Participation)



4 thoughts on “Privilege (Participation)

  1. In the second video of Louis speaking about being white, it really caught my eyes. Everything he joked about was completely true. There are way more privileges at being white. One of the examples that were given is that being white is a better privilege because a ton of things wrap around being white. On how that whites have a easier lifestyle then blacks because of what happened in the past. He also implied that if you aren’t white than you are missing out which is kind of a down fall and not very nice. Because there are equal traits that both blacks and whites have.

  2. In the first video Tim Wise talks about white privilege and how he sees it being white and being raised the way he did. He talks about how white privilege is being able to go through life and not have to worry or think about things that other races do. I thought his story about the coat hanger and the car was interesting because you would think that any cop would arrest you for trying to break into a car, but since he was white the cop reacted differently than he would if it were a black person doing the same thing as he was. The fact that the cop gave him advice on how to break in instead of arresting him is just weird, but Tim recognizes that it is because he is white. He also says that not only is it apparent that people of color are being discriminated in the justice system but white people are receiving unearned psychological advantages everyday.

  3. Although people of different races may have similar characteristics, being we n white has been made as a clear advantage of our present society due to all of the things that we are seemingly given on a regular basis without really deserving it. In the 2nd video, when he was discussing name calling to an individual of a specific race, he was completely correct. When white people are called any name, it doesn’t NEARLY hold the same impact as someone using the n word or any other racial slur. And when we are, it really doesn’t impact us at all. Either we laugh at it and shrug our shoulders, or we pretend that we didn’t even acknowledge it. And that’s very different for people of other races.

  4. Louis CK is completely true about the privileges white individuals have, even when he says it in a joking manner. Literally anytime in the past white individuals did not have to worry too much about false treatment due to the color of their skin (setting aside class). As Tim Wise says, someone’s reaction to someone else’s actions can be completely different based on his or her race. The observer may react based on preconceived notions of that other individual’s race. The New York stop and frisk law is an example of this and demonstrates advantages of being white that go unnoticed. Louis CK is also right that soon we will become the minority in American. According to a previous article, this will happen around year 2043. But is it hard to say if whites will “pay for” what happened in the past and become discriminated against since they are now the minority.

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