Privilege (Online writings)

Are all “whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege. Write down and reflect on some examples? Over the next several days keep a log of unearned advantages/privileges that you experience


Last day – September 27

A very extensive (many entries) “privilege journal” can earn up to 15 extra credit points along with online writing points




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  1. Are all “whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege Reflect on some examples? Over the next several days keep a log of unearned advantages/privileges that you experience?
    Answering these questions are hard for me to answer because I am not white, nor heterosexual so I don’t exactly know how they live on a day to day basis as far as being born into being privileged but I honestly think being born as a white child your automatically think your open to better life choices than a black child growing up under some of the harshest households. I think most black people are born into more needy, humble, poor families than white people just because I know from prior experience, throughout elementary, Jr. High, and through high-school, also college. But, at the same time I think all men are too created equally with the same opportunities in life but don’t take advantage of it as much as white people and that’s sad that society is like that nowadays but that’s how it is. As for hetero-sexual standpoint goes I have no clue on that perspective, But God in my eyes put us human on earth equally and every person has a right to their opinion. Whoever you are made for in this lifetime you are made for no matter what you look like, no matter what you believe in men or female you its your choice so we have no say so in what’s the best for men or female.

  2. Ever since slavery and non-equal rights happened in the past there were many changes. The white population has always had more privileges then blacks and other different races in America as growing up. For example whites have more of an advantage in the work force, which means that they have a better chance of getting a job rather then a different race in America. Also another example is if a white person gets pulled over by speeding they will have a better chance of getting away with the ticket because of stereotypes. No I do not think men have more privileges then women because they are both people either with the same race or a different race. Yes different genders reflect off of what job they do but there are always going to be different jobs no matter what gender they are. Many work forces are better for a male then a female or vise versa. Heterosexuals are technically not born into privilege because once you become a human being you will be the same no matter what your sexual orientation is. Yes heteros are respected a little bit more then straight from my experience. But heterosexuals aren’t any different.

  3. I believe that regardless of who you are, you are born with some type of privilege. Whether you’re African American and you’re selected first in a pick-up game of basketball because “All black people are good at basketball” or whether you land a job because you’re a white man. Regardless of who you are you are born with some sort of privilege in my eyes, the difference comes when we talk about who gets the good privileges and who get the not so good ones or non impactful ones! The first question asks “are all whites are born into privilege? And the answer is a big fat YES! As we discussed in class you’re 60% more likely to be called back if employers can look at your resume and you have a “white sounding name.” This is one of those good privileges I talked about earlier. A name says absolutely nothing about a person. The president of our country Barack Hussein Obama has a name that sound incredibly “un-white”, (and his name even has red squiggles under it in word telling me to spell check) lets imagine all the jobs he has applied for over his life and people look at his name and say “Nah, he’s not white, throw his resume away” and now he’s got the most important job in America. Being white comes with many good privileges and this being one example. The next question is “are men born into privilege?” And you guessed it… the answer is another big fat YES! As a man you get the good privilege of leadership. If you look at various leadership positions throughout the world and history it is overwhelmingly a “man’s position.” From president, to coaches (even in women sports), to roles in a marriage, to CEO’s and bosses in companies, most of the time a man is the one leading. Being born a man you are automatically a leader and women are viewed as incapable and lesser than a man. And lastly, “Are all heterosexuals born into privilege?” again the answer is a big fat YES! And when this comes to my mind professional sports provide a great example. Athletes in pro sports are terrified of “coming out” due to fan backlash and the various image hits they would possibly take. And these are things that heterosexual athletes don’t have deal with much less think about. Another example is Wentworth Miller (Michael Scoefield from Prison Break) announced he was gay, but considered suicide before doing so. The scrutiny and hatred he is worried of facing is not an issue of those who are heterosexual. These are great examples of a good privilege for heterosexuals. These examples I gave are only represent a few of the good privileges given to the talked about groups. But to make it short the answer to all the questions is yes.

  4. Not until just recently have I really thought about white privilege and how I’ve actually benefited from it. I suppose that in and of itself perpetuates the issue, because the common occurrence is for someone to benefit without even taking notice of the unfair, but very real advantage they possess. I grew up in a very white town and my high school graduating class of 320 had probably 30-40 students of color. I made friends with a good amount of them and never thought any differently about the situation. But in a sense, I never had to think any differently about it. Being a white person, it’s easy for me to walk up to anyone and attempt to make friends. Whereas something we barely think of can be a convoluted and scary process for anyone of color. The quote from “Mirrors of Privilege” speaks to that particular aspect. The Latino woman said that any white person can attempt to befriend anyone by simply walking over to them and shaking hands and exchanging names. Whereas, “we(people of color) are crawling on our knees over the broken shards of relationships where we thought we could trust someone.” That conveys a heavy message by itself, showing that white people really have so much less to think or worry about when it comes to the color of their skin. Have I been dealt a pretty decent hand when it comes to the color of my skin, my family’s socioeconomic status, where I live, and where I was able to attend school, among other things? I feel pretty safe in saying that I have. And I’m finally beginning to see these privileges for what they really are. In a sense, constructed privileges based on the color of my skin that evolved from years and years of history and the way that they played out and the evolution of what came from the outcomes of those years. But will a day come where white privilege isn’t thought of the way it is now? Will a day come where the advantages of being white in a white community not be so obvious and in your face? Perhaps not in a few more lifetimes, and perhaps some kind of racial privilege will always exist.

  5. Are all whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege? To answer these questions one must first define what privilege means. And then one must ask if that definition is true and accurate. Therefore, I elected to define privilege as an unearned advantage that you inherit simply by being born into. It is not earned through hard work and dedication. Privilege is having better opportunities and entitlements. Privilege can be gender based, economic, sexual orientation or racial. To state whether a person’s race, gender or a certain sexual orientation are born into privilege is very difficult. I cannot deny that there are some privileges to each of these. Many are based on what is viewed as the norms in our society. Others are expressed by the media. And some are seen through personal experience. I will attempt to answer each using all three views.
    The media is continuously reporting events and situation based on race. As a white person, born in the US it is difficult to answer whether we are all born into privilege. I accept that I am white and that I wasn’t enslaved, my rights were never denied, my land wasn’t taken and never experienced inequality growing up. I do recognize and admit that there are some advantages to include having many people of my race around at all times, employment with same racial identities, not being stereotyped as a criminal and the freedom to dress in clothing of choice and to listen to a variety of music without being viewed as a gangster. I can go into 2 GO Tesoro and purchase shampoo for my hair. Whereas, my girlfriend that is mixed race cannot. I can walk in most areas in the community and not be viewed as out of place, According to the article “How racism is Bad for our Bodies” it states that NYPD has a Stop and Frisk policy and that 70 out of 76 precincts targeted Blacks and Latinos, and that black males frisked exceeded the number of black males that live in NYC and that most were innocent of any criminal behavior. Therefore it hard to deny there are some privileges but not ALL whites are born into privilege.
    Are all men born into privilege? Once again it a difficult question because like with any segregation of gender identity there is always differences and advantages. According to the media, norms of society, and our history men are often viewed as smarter as and brighter than women. There are a large amount of employment opportunities, and they are not a minority. Wages are often higher than those of women. They have been categorized as “the household earner”. They control blue collar jobs. They have always been able to marry, and keep their birth name. Men have always been able to seek learning opportunities, and father children. They can walk around without a shirt. They can stand up and pee and not have to wipe. They have more political positions. Men are less likely to be sexually harassed or sexually assaulted. There are advantages but are ALL men born into privilege?
    Are all heterosexual born into privilege? Heterosexual are sexually attracted to the opposite sex and can openly express verbally, emotionally and physically themselves without criticism. They have the privilege of marrying and parenting with the opposite sex. They can show intimacy without opposition. They have always been able to have sexual relations. Heterosexual have social and religious acceptance. The media views them in positive ways. They can file joint returns, and cover their spouse on their insurance. It was once the norm and belief that there were males and females and they were to be intimate with the opposite. Each year laws are changing and adapting to sexual orientations. Once again there are advantages but are All heterosexual born into privilege?
    We are all uncomfortable with unearned privileges and would prefer that they didn’t exist or that we could deny that they exist .In the article “Public Universities Ramp up Aid for the wealthy, leaving the poor behind”, Shauniqua Epps is a black, low income, female living in subsidized housing in south Philadelphia. She is active in student council, athletics and is graduating with a 3.8 GPA. Ms. Epps applied and was accepted into 3 colleges. She is unable to attend those colleges due to being awarded the maximum assistance and lack of further financial assistance from the colleges. Her costs were around $4,000.00 a year that was not covered. Should she be privileged to more because she was born female, black, and low income? I too am a college student and was born into the same circumstances and received much less assistance. Is it because I am white? Are all African Americans privileged? As I read these types of articles, listen to the media, and began journaling my observations of circumstances of “privileges” it opened a new thought process of our society. Inequality is wrong whether gender, sexual orientation, economic or racial. It creates physical and emotional stress. If we as a nation can learn about and recognize different privileges we can begin change on many aspects. If every person born were treated the same then there would not be any privileges.

  6. This topic can be very tricky. On one hand, yes all whites/men/heterosexuals are born into privilege, however some do still struggle. For example, I was born white but because of my religion, I’ve had times where I was held back from something I wanted to do. Nonetheless, I do believe that all whites are born into privilege. Even if they were born in poverty, they have a big chance at changing that around and they can do so easily. If a black or Latino was born into poverty, they would be able to have a chance at change but they would have a harder time doing so. My family and I migrated to the US in 1997 with only about $20, yet we were offered opportunities. Would we have been offered the same opportunities is we were black or Latino?
    On the topic of gender, I also believe that men are born into privilege. Men are seen as the stronger, more reliable, and smarter gender even though there are several women in this world who could give even Stephen Hawking a run for his money. Women are seen as the smaller and weaker gender, always needing protection. For centuries women would stay at home, cook, clean, and raise the
    children while the men went to work. This was not our fault but it was something that was thrust upon us. Rarely do we see a “Mr.Mom” because everyone is so quick to judge and not be able to see pass the norm. Why is it strange to see a man stay at home and the wife go to work?
    Sexual orientation is a touchy subject among many people even though it shouldn’t be. I believe you are born the way that you are and no one wakes up one day and says “huh, I want to be gay now”. If that was the care, wouldn’t heterosexuals have had that same epiphany? I know plenty of people who are proud of their sexual orientation of who they love but I also know some who despise it because it makes things so hard for them. They are seen as a minority. Only recently has gay marriage been legalized and in only a few states. Why does it matter who you love? Heterosexuals do have it easier; we don’t have to deal with extremists such as the Westboro Baptist Church and we don’t have to deal with coming out and fearing our families might hate us. Homosexuals do have to worry about how people perceive them. If you have to worry about how people see you, whether race, gender, or sexual orientation, you are not born into privilege.

  7. I am not a white man so it would be a little difficult for me to know or point out a lot of privileges I see that they have but I did go to a middle school and high school where the majority of the kids were white. Simply the white skin that they have is a privilege because it leads to other privileges. More often than not in the school setting white kids are not often pointed out for trouble making and kids of color get blamed a lot more. A lot of the white kids where born into wealthy homes so it was not rare to see the white kids dressed up way nicer on an everyday basis unlike the children of color. It was also common to see that the white kids were not to stressed about life or about where they would be going for college and if they could pay for it when on the other hand children of color more so the black kids were found stressing the most not just about school but everyday things while being at school and finding a way other than a scholarship to get to college was a very common conversation. One very obvious privilege in the city of my high school for white kids is that they did not get randomly stopped and questioned by the police but for some reason I can count on both of my hands how many times I have been questioned by police or stopped when I was doing nothing wrong. Well I think that is a privilege right there especially when I witnessed a white kid steal from a liquor store walk out and smiled a the police officer and when the officer walked in the store he fixed an mean scowl on his face when he looked at me. It’s crazy how he greeted the thief so nicely and looked at me sideways for just being black. Talking about privileges between men and women I do believe there is some kind of gender bias for some jobs but for the most part it’s pretty equal and I have witnessed such by watching my mother be dominant in all of her jobs and having all of her male bosses respect and is known throughout her line of work as a person who is highly recommended.

  8. Basically what is asking here is that how white people raised different from other people with different colors, cause white people born with privilege, they think they raise with their own mentality thinking that all white people have all the rights for everything, I’m saying cause I’m polynesian and our skin color is light brown which is almost black,I think racism is a social construction which mean is something that is still building and is still happening, African Americans people are more to sports and very athletic people than the white people, white people are just smart and more of understanding, in the past few year I think prejudice was something that is nothing to white people seperating themselves from the black people, for example watching this movie Butler was sometghing that really tells me of how bad white people those time of how they treat black people and make them slave do all their work and everything they want, it was really strict how they run racism back in days, they put black people in the back of the bus, they also sperate fountain drinks for black people and white people, which to me is stupid everybody created equally.

    • How does earned privilege fit into your discussion here? You note some stereotypes regarding sports and intelligence — how can those lead to privileges and a lack of opportunities? What role does institutions play?

  9. The question “Are all whites born into privilege”?, I do not think that is a very fair question starting out. ALL of whites? Every single white person in America having being white as an advantage? That is not very realistic because everyone has a different situation and different things going on in their life, Caucasian or not. But there are places where being white can be an advantage or even a disadvantage to people. It all matters the setting I believe. If there is a white kid that is a teenager and he moves into an all-black neighborhood, middle class and nice neighborhood. Does he still have privilege? Not more than anyone else I do not think. All black neighborhoods probably means he attends a predominantly black school so it is not just at home he is different at school too. If it was swapped and a black kid in the same situation just an all-white school does he have more privilege?
    I attended a small catholic school just north of Seattle where my best friend was one of maybe 3 black kids that went to the school. He came from a lesser home than most of the well-off kids that went to our school but we attended a pretty good college prep school. Paris is his name and Paris just happened to be exceptionally good at basketball. And when I say good, I mean very good. If he was just a regular kid without these special talents would he of attended Archbishop Murphy High with me and our other friends? Probably not, Paris definitely gained a privilege by getting help for his single mother to help him attend the great school from scholarships and he also was able to play basketball at the next level for free. The problem with Paris though was he had no motivation, he only wanted to play basketball and basketball video games. Definitely not homework. So he failed out of school. In high school he even had to sit out multiple games because of grades but still managed to go on to play at college. But he did not succeed in the classroom and tis everywhere, that PRIVLEDGE of free basketball and school was taken away from him.
    My moral to this story is that privilege is obviously given to some people, there is no doubt about that. And sometimes privilege is a little bit unfair but there is no such thing as privilege if it is not snatched up and utilized. Privilege is everywhere, especially at WSU where college is expensive and not available to everyone. I understand there is more privilege for some races from the get go but not everyone, I believe everyone can write their own story with the cards they are dealt. My Father was born to a single mom with four other brothers and is successful today, like I said every situation is different but I think if someone wants something they can go get it.
    Are men born into privilege? I think so but not always. Every culture is different so it is hard to differentiate if most men are born automatically privileged. There is a difference for homosexuals though. It is amazing the changes on views of sexuality and how quickly they have changed. This is of course not everyone’s view but in not very many years’ time in most places it is not okay to harass or joke about homosexual people, which is amazing and really good. Granted we live in Washington which is pretty liberal compared to the likes of the south in states like Georgia and Florida. That means that my peers and I see a different picture and experience than maybe a college kids that live in say Alabama. But back to the privilege question is they are definitely not born to an advantage in my opinion. The world is changing but the truth is they are still not fully accepted, that is not me being mean it is just the truth. Maybe in the future that will change but they will never be born in to privilege they will be just like everyone else or the same as their race when this problem will be solved. They will not be labeled as “homosexual” they will just be labeled as who they are. I am not homosexual and know a handful of gay people so I do not know their day to day trials and tribulations that they have just as anyone else does. But the world is definitely changing. Recently many countries thought of boycotting a Russian Olympics because of their laws on public affection on gay people. Just 10 years ago this would be absolutely unheard of. Obviously it can be done though so maybe race is next in line to be improved.

    • Are there unearned advantages to being white? To being male? In regards to the youth you describing living in a predominantly black neighborhood (given rates of segregation you should also ask, why is this so uncommon and what does this say), do you think there are potential advantages or implicit bias that are indeed privileges – when he or she interacts with police, or teachers or guidance counselors? In terms of basketball, we are talking about an unearned advantage so that isn’t the same thing — think about things that people are able to cash in on – assumptions, the benefit the doubt, stereotypes — simply because of why they are. Connect to McIntosh or Jensen readings

  10. For me, this is a hard question. It is like asking a fish about water. I can’t really be sure what opportunities my family has had for being white, because they are white. I can’t say how my life would be different if I were another race. Where I come from, there weren’t very many minorities around. There were even less when my parents were growing up, and my grandparents. So I can’t really say that my parents were offered jobs that were denied to a minority because they were white, because there weren’t really any minorities there to apply for the job. I can’t say they were let off the hook, given the benefit of the doubt, because they were white, because there weren’t minorities around to compare them to. When I think my privileges, I think of things I have that other people around me weren’t afforded-other white people. Those are what I know of. While I’m sure I’ve had many, many race-based privileges, like maybe not even having to be aware of my skin color, it’s hard to say. I think of my privileges as having food on the table that I didn’t buy, whether my parents got it because they’re considered white or not, men stopping at an intersection when they don’t have to so I can walk across, having a steady place of residence. Sure, maybe it’s because I’m white, maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but then again, maybe not.

    • I agree with you. The privilege issues are hard for me to answer because I don’t usually think about privilege in daily life. Privilege is sometimes invisible and normalized.

  11. Are all “whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege?
    These questions are kind of hard to think about for an international student like me, because I raised in other culture and social structure. From previous lectures, I learned that there are still invisible prejudices and privileges in the world, of course in my country too, but these are not necessary the same way. I am going to say, most men are born into privilege in my country. In my country, gender gap is bigger than here. Most women less likely have a job, and if woman have a job, she can only earn less wages than other men. “In OECD countries, men earn on average 16% more than women in similar full-time jobs.” Of course, there are many women earn more money than men, but being man is one of the factors more likely to have a good job. I believe this is based on our history of labor in Japan. Today, the government is trying to get rid of this gap, but this is still hard to change the social structure and people’s concepts. Also, most heterosexual are born into privilege, because the homosexual marriage is not allowed in my country. So, because of the law, all heterosexual automatically are born with privilege. However, “being white man” has no advantage in my country. So, I believe that there are many kinds of privileges across the world, but some of those may be invalid depends on the situation and the society they are facing.

  12. It is hard to think about the privileges you are born with into. When I was thinking about this question, I thought it was not about what race a person was but who your parents are and what family you are born into. But when I really thought about the question for a time I found there to be a lot of white privileges. For example, white individuals in New York do not have to worry as much as individuals of color to be stopped and frisked randomly. White individuals do not have to worry about disrespectful jokes and stereotypes based on the color of their skin. White individuals do not have to worry about others assuming that you do not speak English. White individuals do not have to worry about others thinking they are terrorist for wearing traditional clothing. There are many more examples of privileges that white individuals are born into. These were just some that scratched the surface. But it is evident that white individuals are born into privileges. Males are also born into privileges. For example, the chances of males being sexually harassed or raped are relatively low compared to women. Males on average also make more money than women who have the same job. There are many more privileges males have compared to women. Also being born heterosexual has privileges as well. Individuals of heterosexual orientation can legally marry a person they love. Individuals of heterosexual orientation do not have to worry about being fired or not promoted or denied a job based on their sexual orientation. Again, there are many more examples that show the privileges of heterosexual individuals. I can say I have the privileges that fall under white and heterosexual privileges. Privileges you are born into are difficult to pin down because you rarely give them thought, until you are on the other side looking at others privileges. I believe that every individual male, female, white, colored, heterosexual, or homosexual are born with some type of privilege. Women have privileges that men don’t have, colored individuals have privileges that whites do not, and homosexuals have privileges that heterosexuals do not. It is all a matter of perspective.

  13. I am not white and I didn’t spend much time with white people, so I don’t have experience that I felt white people have privilege directly. However, I think that whites are more privileged than any other races. For example, most whites are born into wealthy families. I guess the reason is that presidents, managers, and other high positions are mostly composed of whites. Also, whites are usually regarded as the ideal of beauty. In toy stores, we can see many pretty white dolls for girls while it is hard to find black dolls. I played with white dolls like Barbie as well. Many children still think that white dolls are lovelier than blacks even though the doll test in the video was past. Moreover, whites don’t have to worry about their race generally, and white parents don’t need to suffer for their children’s abuse by skin color.
    Next, I think that male has privilege. In work places, men usually have significant positions and they can get higher salary than women. Especially, it always happens in my country. In addition, many women keep house during her husband is working. It means that both men and women have work. However, only men’s jobs are thought of actual work, and it is normalized. It is unfair. Also, job hunting is harder for women than men in my country. I am woman, so I must feel that men are privileged during job hunting.
    Lastly, heterosexuals are also privileged because they are always welcome and normalized. For example, homosexuals are allowed to marry in few states even though they just love the same sex. Also, when the same sex people act as if they were dating, they are regarded as weird by others. In belief, in my opinion, people who don’t have to worry about their race, gender, and sexuality are privileged.

  14. Are all “whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege?
    These questions make me have a hard difficulty of thinking since my skin color is white, but my culture says different. It’s hard to understand and know about the privileges people are born into. My race color is white, but my ethnicity is Hispanic. It’s hard to notice a person’s ethnicity by just viewing his appearance and if your skin is the same color as whites, then they’ll assume your white as well. When I was in my public grade schools and high school years, there were white and black privileges, which makes my community diverse. I made friends with whites and blacks in my community and their race doesn’t bother me because everyone deserves to be equal. I am not heterosexual so I don’t know how they live their privilege nor understand their privilege. From what I understand about privileges, whites have more wealth and control than blacks and blacks commit more crimes than whites. That’s what people assume when they see two different privileges. There are a lot of white privileges in big cities like Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. When a police officers sees two people from a different race committing a crime, the police officer will blame the black person because he assumes the black person is frisky and guilty. The cops have racial issues for colors and many racial incidents have happened in the past because of them. I remember one time a police officer came to my high school and started patrolling school grounds. Me and my friend, which my friend is black, were walking off school grounds to go to the store and supposedly a cop was walking behind us. He told us to turn around and my friend kept walking and didn’t hear what the cop said because he had his Dre Beats on. The cop tackled him and arrested him in front of everyone and I was trying to stop the cop from putting him in the car. The reason why the cop arrested him was because of his color and he denied to respond to the cop. I didn’t know why he only arrested him and not me also. The cop was judgmental and a racist. From what I believe, I believe that the two races should have the same privileges and should be treated equal. But in reality, blacks don’t have the same privileges as whites, it’s a matter of perspective.

  15. I don’t believe all whites are born into privilege but I do think that most white men are. It’s quite evident when comparing a white male to females, you can see that white men have higher wages than women who hold the same position as them. For white men, they rarely have to work for that privilege. If a white man’s father had to work for everything that his family has, his son “inherited” it all without having to work for it. For any other group of ethnicity, their privilege was earned.

    While white males are granted this unearned benefit, there are still some who are denied those rights.Whether someone who identifies as themselves as homosexual is white, they are still not given the same privileges as heterosexual white males. Some are denied employment assistance and marriage rights because of their sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter if someone were white or male. If they are not heterosexual, they cannot have been born into privilege.
    It is evident that people born with privilege are more likely excepted from an institutional standing but also from an individual point of view. Heterosexuals are given a privilege of being socially accepted when compared to homosexuals.

    It’s obvious that the most privileged group would be white heterosexual males as they fit every profile that is the most privileged out of their respective groups.

  16. Are all “whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege. Write down and reflect on some examples? Over the next several days keep a log of unearned advantages/privileges that you experience

    I do not believe that all whites are born with full privileges, however I do believe that whites are born with a slight privileges in life to others races; education, jobs, social status etc. Take Chicago for example there are plenty of severely poor whites living in neighborhoods, but they have a greater opportunity/chance of getting out because they are white and they were born with the advantage of being white. But then again there is also the chance that the white families may not succeed and “get out” because of whatever reasons.
    I do agree that men are automatically born into a privileged world. Everyone sticks to the status quo and thinks that men are superior to women in every aspect of life. Men are more likely to get certain jobs over women and even black men. White males especially, dominate; they were born with a privilege that they did not earn. Jobs for example, someone with a white sounding name is more likely to receive a call back than a person with a black sounding name. A person’s name, if it is white sounding is equivalent to almost 8 years of work experience over other applicants.
    Heterosexuals are automatically born into privilege; they are seen as “normal”. Since our society as a whole has not accepted homosexuals they are sometimes seen as outcasts and inferiors just because of the way they are.
    I do believe that our society has changed in terms of trying to accept homosexuals for who they are; this was shown throughout the country in some states by legalizing gay marriage. Maybe race and/or gender could be next?

  17. I believe that being born with white skin does give some privilege that is not given to others. I do not think all white people receive the same privileges though. I think that on a daily basis white people receive privileges that they are not even aware of. One subject that we talked about in class was how black parents have to prep their sons on how to avoid police and how they learn to associate police as bad guys. This is something that white boys growing up don’t have to learn or deal with. Although this may not seem like a big deal this is a privilege that often goes unnoticed. This recently became a big issue when Trayvon was murdered. For a white boy wearing a hoodie at night would not be criticized or questioned but because he was a black boy people stated “he shouldn’t be wearing hoodies at night”. These privileges go unnoticed from day to day but become prominent when tragedies such as these occur. I believe that beyond this men are also born with these privileges that are not recognized from day to day. An example of this is how parents teach their daughters how to avoid dark alleys, big vans, or male strangers. Parents don’t teach their boys these things because it is not something they have to worry about in their daily lives. These privileges are not noticed or recognized often but the privilege of not having to look over your shoulder or walk the long way to avoid the alley is something that women don’t experience. I do not believe that all heterosexuals are born into privilege but that does not mean that they don’t receive privileges over non-heterosexuals. I believe that heterosexuals do receive privileges but I believe these are beginning to even out as the years go on. Privileges are not often noticed by the group that receives the privilege rather they are noticed by the group that does not. Women often notice how men don’t worry about the same things as them. The other day a friend of mine who was a guy wanted me to hurry home because it was late. He told me to go through the alley because it would be faster and I would get home safe. I had to correct him and tell him that it is not safer for a girl to go through the dark alley and it is safer to take longer. This was not something that he had ever thought about and it was really eye opening to him as to the thought that goes into where women go what they say and how they act to avoid the dangers that are all around. Some of the privileges I experience from day to day are that no police officer or security guard ever looks twice at me. I am white and female and police officers don’t think twice about driving or walking by. I have found that some professors are nicer to girls when I try to turn in late assignments. They will tell me that it is okay and my guy friend that it is too late. These are small privileges but they add up to make my life easier than someone else’s. I believe that although sometimes men can receive privileges over women, women often receive different privileges over men. Both genders receive privileges in different forms. With race this is not the case though, usually it is only white people receiving the privileges that are undeserved and given at birth.

  18. Privilege: Online Writing
    As Peggy McIntosh says, whites venture through life with an invisible knapsack. Hypothetically; it has compasses, gadgets and all sorts of tools that help whites get by day to day, ahead of people of color who essentially lack a knapsack of advantages. Whites are born into privileges simply because of the color of their skin. A privilege is an unearned benefit- something extremely common to a typical white person in today’s world. Similarly, men and heterosexuals are born into privilege. From historical events and past judgments, men have been labeled the more dominant gender. Though gender inequality is not as prevalent in today’s society, the origins of it can still be seen in some establishments and social ranks. For example, a man still has a higher shot of being a business manager, or president of the United States, no matter how many women qualify to hold such high positions.

    Wednesday, September 18
    I am a Journalism and Media Production major. I’ve dreamed of being a reporter or news anchor since I was a little girl watching my Aunt behind the television screen. Upon working for Cable 8 and taking a variation of Comm classes, I see the benefit of being a white person. People of color or other races have a harder time of being accepted into the business. This is simply because society has showed more acceptance toward white people on the face of the News. I was at a Women In Communication panel and one speaker told of an Asian woman who couldn’t get a job as an anchor because her “eyes looked too Asian”. No matter her reporting skills, her race put her at a disadvantage. This makes me feel like being a white woman with blonde hair, characteristics I was born with, allow me a privilege and advantage.

    Friday, September 20
    Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be writing about this, but my white privilege got me out of trouble on Greek row last Friday night. My friends and I were walking down the sidewalk; I was sober however two of my friends were not. They were loud, obnoxious, and stumbling continuously. We walked past two cops who politely asked us to take care of ourselves and get home safe. Shortly after passing, we heard yelling behind us on the street. As I turned I observed cops stopping a group of black women, who seemed perfectly in control of themselves, for being “too intoxicated”. The girls started getting angry claiming they haven’t even started drinking. Arguing continued- only making cops more upset with the situation. I saw pure disappointment in the girl’s eyes, as they rolled them endlessly, as if it wasn’t the first time this had happened to them.

    Monday, September 23
    Throughout the day, occurrences of white privilege come up over and over, and the majority of the time I don’t even realize it. Just walking around campus as a white woman seems to give me an advantage. It is something that has consumed me all my life and because of this class, I can now recognize it. I now first hand understand the meaning of a white person’s privilege being compared to a fish living in water. It surrounds me and I don’t even know. The way people hold the door open for me, smile at me, allow me to sit next to them in class, how employees treat me when I screw up my order at a restaurant, how accepted I always feel, and how lucky I am to come from a wealthy family. I used to think I was just extremely blessed or that my Dad was a hard working man all his life, but in reality- I’m white. And that small benefit that I’ve had since birth has carried me through so many hard times. This class has really opened my eyes to the privilege I’m given just by having white skin.

  19. I believe that all whites are not born into privilege. Just like in class when we discussed that if you have a white sounding name than you have a greater chance of likely being called back for a job position. Well not all whites have a white sounding name. Also, all whites are not born in privilege because if they were then they would all have the high end dollar paying jobs. Although, I believe that all whites are not born into privilege, I sadly do believe that all men are born into privilege. Being a male in today’s society people look at you as a strong person physically, as well as the main provider for your family. I believe this is because before woman were given the right vote, work and be paid equally as males, females were seen as the “housekeepers,” where all they did was stay home and make sure things were taking care of at the house while the males would go and work to provide. Also, I believe that all men are born into privilege because we as a society see them as the superior to everybody else. Now when it comes to heterosexual people, I believe that they too are born into privilege. This is because in our society we believe a man and woman should marry, we see this as the “normal” lifestyle. In society when we see either two men or two women kissing or holding hands in public we kind of raise the “red flag” in our heads that those people are weird because we do not see it as “normal.” Also, every time a new celebrity or athlete comes out announcing they are gay, society kind of freaks out. Society freaks out because one if they are an attractive looking person then people lash out because they already have an idea of what ones sexual orientation is towards. Sadly as a society we already have a judgment towards ones sexual orientation, whether or not men are born into privilege as well as if all whites are all born into privilege. No, I do not believe all whites are born into privilege. Yes, however I do believe that all men and heterosexuals are born into privilege.

    • What does it tell us that whites are not able to cash in on privilege when they are seen or thought to be people of color? And does privilege have to be available in every situation to have privilege?

  20. Are all “whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege Reflect on some examples? Over the next several days keep a log of unearned advantages/privileges that you experience?

    Privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

    In my opinion, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. There is no right or wrong answer to race, privilege, or just being an American Citizen. To myself, I ask the question, what does it mean to be an American citizen if just under majority of the people in this country don’t even follow the rules. There are laws set for this country to make is a better, fair place and one that makes people all over the world want to come here and live in America. If no one follows the laws, the Constitution, the Amendments that were set for our country and people think this is such a terrible place to live then why are so many people wanting to move here. Why do we have so many Illegal Immigrants who come to the United States for freedom and equality but are sent away because they are not a citizen. My grandparents came here because to them is was a better, more fair, land of opportunities place. Privilege came easy to them, but only because my grandpa was very wealthy. He attended the University of Washington and just retired after over 50 years of dedication to ABAM Engineering. My Grandma was a hospital scientist where she looked for ways to cure sicknesses. At one point in their life, they lived in Tennessee and they hired a black maid. My grandma never had any problems with black people, she was not racist at all until her maid. My grandma would make dinner for her and my grandpa and she would invite her maid and the maid would always refuse and never say thank you or please and was not polite at all. The thing that got her was that her maid spit on the food that my grandma had made and ever since then because of the disrespect that she got form her maid she just got that idea about all black people.
    With my grandpas money, he always and still gets to sit first class on airplanes, he waits in nice waiting rooms in airports, stays at nice hotels for free, and flies for free, with my grandma along his side. They became so used to these privileges that my grandpa started to take it for granted. It may be also be because of old age and crankiness but he expects everyone to tends to his needs at all times without any complaints. Sometimes we try to let him know that he cannot treat people this way. For example, he was on the airplane and could not open his package of peanuts so instead of asking my Aunt who was sitting next to him he yelled at the sturdiest to open it because it is her job. To my grandpa in his eyes, him being a white, rich man means that he should be able to get what he wants at any time. He grew up thinking that was okay. My cousins, always try to tell him, that, that’s not really how things work anymore but he is so caught in old ways that he doesn’t really seem to care.

    I think that privilege can depend on many things. It depends on if you are white, black, woman, man, wealthiness and where you are from. Men like my grandpa tend to think that they have more privilege than anyone else in the country. women now a days think and do have more privilege than they used to but still somehow sit under the men’s laps. People my age, man or woman, are more open to the idea of everyone being treated the same, having the same opportunities, living in the same places, and not caring about the skin color. It may be different in other states, but from what I have observed over the past few days is that it doesn’t matter if you are black or white and buying Starbucks in the bookie, its going to take the same amount of time (always super slow). They are not concerned if they’re customers are black or white, they just want to make money. I also observed teachers in class when students hands are raised and there is some one who is black who has their hand raised and someone who is white, the teacher just called on whoever she saw first, she didn’t care that the student was black, she just wanted to be able to answer the question that the student had. Another place that I observed is in a restaurant. I went with a black girl, myself (white) and a Persian. I wondered who the man would ask first to take their order, he just started with the Persian girl because her menu was closed indicating that she already knew what she wanted and didn’t have any questions. It wasn’t of concern that the black or the white girl didn’t get their orders taken first because they knew they were going to get to order,
    I think that people, need to realize that It doesn’t matter if one is black, white, Persian, or Hispanic. And why should it. We are all humans, all citizens of the country, maybe somehow related, like how there are adopted black kids into a white family. To me and especially in my generation there should be no privilege but sadly there are and it could be from parents or where they grew up, but for the most part it is not at bad or extreme as what it used to be. I know that it will never really fade out and fully go away but hopefully it will fade away, it may be harder in the south and east coast to accomplish but iv got the feeling that it can be done. It helps, that we have a black president, black artist, actors who all are idols to people white or black because they win Emmy’s, and Grammys. Are society may or may not change. It is going to take the whole country and our society to change even more, maybe more laws, who knows. Only time can tell what the future of our country is going to be like race and privilege wise.

  21. Are all “whites born into privilege”? Are all men born into privilege? Are all heterosexual born into privilege. Write down and reflect on some examples? Over the next several days keep a log of unearned advantages/privileges that you experience

    Privilege is, as stated in readings and in class, an invisible bank account that a certain group can cash in on whenever they want without really realizing it.
    I believe that people who appear to be white are born into privilege. Someone could be white, but look like a different ethnicity and therefore would not receive the same treatment as someone who looks white. I am clearly a white woman- I have pale skin, brown eyes and brown hair. I receive benefits that I don’t deserve because of this. For example, I am a terrible driver and my driving record is evidence of this. I have rear-ended two people’s cars, one of which being a middle-aged Indian man. After exchanging information, he called me a couple days after the accident saying it wasn’t necessary that I pay for the damage. I insisted that I pay for it, but he wouldn’t allow it. My dad ended up talking to him and he finally agreed to let me pay for the damage. I don’t know if this situation would have been any different had I been a black or Latino woman, but I think it’s still valid.

    I believe that white men are born into privilege, not just men in general. A person’s skin color does have a lot to do with the opportunities they are given. In class it was said that a white sounding name was equal to 8 years of work experience. That creates an ideology throughout the workforce and is the starting point for the next generation. With more opportunities in the workforce comes more wealth.

    Heterosexuals have the privilege of getting married without any backlash or push from the government or people who do not support their sexuality, like homosexuals have to deal with. Being heterosexual has always been the norm through America’s history, whereas being homosexual has not. People are generally more comfortable with heterosexuality because that’s what they’re used to dealing with. Homosexuality is becoming more widely accepted, but not to the point where heterosexuality is.

  22. I believe whites are born into privileged because in society people really don’t see a white person walking down the street as threatening. But if you see a black or a Hispanic person walking down the street doing nothing at all some people will feel threatened just because of the color of his skin. Also this country was built around white being the soupier race so just based off that it gives whites a silent sense of freedom because they’re most likely to get away with something over a black or a Hispanic. But don’t get me wrong every race has an advantage of being themselves. Not all men are born into privileged when growing up my mom would always tell me you have two strikes against you already “ Being black and being a black male” to me that really stuck because I knew I had to act in a certain way just so I didn’t look like I was doing something wrong. But in the work place I feel like men do have the upper hand because a man and a women can have the same job but the man will be paid more. I never really had a job so it’s hard for me to speak on this subject. I believe Heterosexual have privilege because I feel if you’re straight you aren’t judge nearly as much if you are gay. Heterosexual can have privilege over homosexuals in the workplace because if your boss is against gays and your gay working in the workplace it could be harder for you to move up in positions just because you’re a homosexual, rather than you being heterosexual it would be easier to move up because your boss isn’t against you.

  23. I believe, as a white male myself, that all whites are born into privilege because ultimately, as whites we’ve placed these privileges on ourselves. Going back to the Naturalization Act of 1790, we were given the privilege to become United States citizens, excluding all other races and seemingly placing ourselves in a higher class than others. Whether it’s competing for scholarships, competing to get into a great school, or just living in a very stable lifestyle, these are privileges that have been given to us that we haven’t necessarily earned. I believe as a man, men are all born into privilege with the fact that we are seen as more physically capable, athletically capable, smarter, and privileged to live a more active lifestyle than individuals of the opposite gender. Women are stereotypically characterized as being housewives, doing the house work, and making sure that the order of the house is followed and being a product of the male’s domestic laws. Heterosexuals are born into privilege, because we are not discriminated based on our sexual relations based on the fact that it is considered “normal” in our society. When it comes down to it, even though many steps have been made forward in order to give homosexuals more rights such as marriage, there are still many discriminatory situations that homosexuals are placed into on a day to day basis. In terms of what I have experienced in my life, I grew up in a middle class society and loving parents who had great jobs, and were able to take care of me and give me the basic necessities I needed in order to survive. I can honestly say that if I was a member of a different race classification, there would definitely be a chance that these benefits would seemingly disappear.

  24. It is undeniable that being white gets me and other whites around me privileges over other races. Regardless of whether or not we think we have our “invisible knapsacks” on, we constantly do. Statistics about stop and frisk, FHA loans, segregation for example with buses, drinking fountains, and pools, and other issues of the past are all things that whites did not have to worry about then and do not affect our lives now like they do for other races. All whites are born into privilege simply because of the color of our skin. If someone were to compare a white man to a black man different stereotypes would form in people’s minds. Like in the video with Tim Wise people will often associate images of black people with evil, angry, scary, and other negative descriptive words. When images of white people were shown people described the images of them with positive adjectives. Speaking strictly on appearance of a person and the color of their skin, all white people are born into privilege. Although some white people may be born into more opportunities such as money and education than others, regardless they already have a head start over people of color. I looked up the definition of privilege which is “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.” I used this definition to decipher whether or not things that happen to me are indeed advantages/privileges.
    One experience that I had was with the Pullman Police. While my friends and I were driving to Wal-Mart in my friends new Jetta that she had just got a few months ago, we were stopped by a cop because she was speeding. Me and all my white girl friends were scared at to see what the cops reaction would be to my friend speeding. The cop informed my friend that she had been going 11 miles per hour over the speed limit. My friend simply said, “I’m really sorry officer I should have been paying better attention,” and with that he let her off. No ticket and did not even ask for her license or registration. There are a few different factors that could have played into her not getting a ticket. One being that the officer was a man and it was a car full of girls. But then I thought about what if we were not a car full of what girls? What if we were all guys? Would there have been the same outcome? What if, whether we were guys or girls, black or of another race? Being white means not having to think or worry about situations like this or getting a ticket, instead we get let off and are able to go on with our day.
    Another experience I had was the other day I asked a girl in my sorority where she went to high school. Growing up on the Sammamish Plateau there was very little diversity. All of my friend’s guys and girls were white with an exception of maybe four. Everyone that grew up on the Plateau knew the advantages that we had over other schools in other cities because of where our parents decided to live which had to do with money and the opportunities our parents had growing up that carried over. Whenever my high school, which was Eastlake, would play against Garfield in Seattle they labeled us as the rich, stuck-up, white kids, and we would say it was the school where all the black kids from the ghetto went. Though the students at Garfield had a stereotype of what students at my school were like which was not true, we had a stereotype of them as well which was not true either. The girl in my sorority I asked is white with blonde hair and always looks put together when she leaves the house. When she told me she was from Seattle and went to Garfield I said to her, “you went to Garfield???” completely shocked. The fact that other races and schools see my school the way they do based on our race, and how my school sees other schools shows the privileges that I have being born white and where I live.

  25. Personally I do believe that all whites are born into privilege, especially men. Just recently in class we were discussing that if white man wore a sweatshirt and a hat to work they would not be criticized by their fellow employees with what they were wearing. Now if the situation was reversed and a women was wearing a sweatshirt and a hat to work, all of her employees would criticize her and tell her that she was not wearing professional clothing. This is a prime example of how men clearly have unseen privileges that they experience on an every day basis. Another example is how it is why more expectable for a man to swear because men are generally seen as aggressive and dominant, than it is for a women to swear because women are seen as innocent and submissive. Heterosexuals receive unseen privileges compared to homosexual people. An unseen privilege is heterosexual couples can get married anywhere in the United States. The marriage of a heterosexual couple is recognized in every state, compared to a homosexual couple where their marriage would only be recognized in a few states. Another privilege that whites benefit from is that we do not have to informed our young white boys about police officers that will stop and frisk them and most likely harass them. Young white boys do not have to worry about that happening to them. For a young black boy however they do have to worry about being stop and frisked by the police and possibly being arrested. Black boys have to start worrying about then once they reach middle school. Privilege is an unseen advantage that I receive almost every single day. One privilege that I have noticed is that I am more likely to get a job over someone of a different race. I am also more likely to receive a lot more help at department stores and restaurants than a person of a different race. I am surrounded by privileges and I don’t even realize it. For instance, how employees treat me, how my teachers treat me, how people will wait and hold a door open for me, how other students will come sit next to me class, how if I forgot my money at a restaurant someone would most likely cover my bill, or how nice the cashier is at the grocery store when I go through the line. I am privileged in every aspect of my life, and a majority of the time I don’t even notice. I only begin to notice all the privileges I have in my life once I reflect on my day, but when I am just living my life I am rarely aware of all of the advantages I get from being white.

    • And of course even if someone did comment on my clothes or questioned whether I was a professor that would not mean that I am not able to cash in on my privileges

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